Enlightened Architecture

Places to go, things to do and see and people who are leaving their mark on the world of style.

By Moe Godat


Allied Maker, New York City, New York | Once a dentist’s office in Manhattan, this beautifully lit space became the perfect showroom for Allied Maker’s first retail space. Allied Maker wanted a brick-and-mortar store in the area to showcase their lighting products, all of which are designed and manufactured in Long Island. The husband and wife founding duo of Allied Maker enlisted the help of Mesarch Studio. The Brooklyn-based architecture firm worked with the owners to design the showroom’s interior; they took inspiration from the deep windows of Le Corbusier’s Ronchamp chapel in France, echoing the building’s dramatic shapes into the series of arched nooks made for lighting displays and openings between rooms. Large, street-facing windows let in plenty of natural light, so pale oak flooring and neutral walls keep the showroom light and airy. Circular benches of green and orange provide interest and setting for visitors. The upper floor exhibits exposed brickwork along its rear wall to provide contrast to its otherwise simple finishes. The ground floor kitchen also holds interesting details, such as a pale grey terrazzo countertops in the kitchen and two semi-circular wall lights.

Atrium, London, England. Design by Studio RHE. | When Atrium made the decision to move from selling modern furniture to fine lighting, they wanted their showroom in Centre Point Tower to celebrate this monumental switch for the company. The new lighting showroom designed by Studio RHE exhibits the best of lighting both during the day and at night. Studio RHE began with an interactive open space with a central reception area in mind that could easily be converted into a darkened showroom. To achieve this two-in-one space, they created hinged, jigsaw-like rotating walls with bright green edges. The rotating walls allow natural light to stream in throughout the day, can be closed for a dramatic light display at night and overall transforms the space’s street view on a daily basis. Reclaimed railway sleepers lead from the window to the bar and event space, above which more lights are displayed, mounted on geometric shapes with green edges. Studio RHE chose to use both high-gloss and matte or wooden materials to show how light plays on each surface. Now completed, the showroom highlights the best of Atrium’s new look.

Juniper, New York City, New York | Dedicated to producing thoughtfully designed and meticulously engineered lighting solutions, Juniper wanted their new SoHo showroom to provide a full hospitality experience as well as display their product in the best light. The CEO and Founder of Juniper, Shant Madjarian, said they wanted designers to see the quality of each product in a safe and socially distanced manner. Each space showcases lighting in a new and inventive way, from their welcoming lounge area to the intimate residential vignettes on the showroom’s southern side. The decor chosen for the space accentuates Juniper’s own use of natural materials in their light fixtures, so sleek planters and wooden side tables show the origin and intent of their products. The light fixtures throughout the showroom are used to create functional works of art; oversized circles frame each to make them decorative focal points. This New York showroom presents lighting made in a Connecticut where each piece is developed and produced locally. In both their lighting and their approach to showroom design, they want to express their commitment to craftsmanship and organic simplicity.