Make an Entrance

Arches have been present in architecture for centuries, but we’re seeing a noticeable upswing of their usage lately in St. Louis. Is this just another resurging trend or is the arched entryway here to stay?

Edited by Moe Godat 

Photography by Anne Matheis 



Arches are as classic as you can get, but arched entryways and interior arches were out of style for several years. Many homes squared off their arches to modernize the home. I am glad to see them back, even if only on the exterior entryway, as the arch lends grace and curves to a hard-edge façade. Linda K. Kusmer, Interior Design Consultant.

The beautiful arched entryway will always last the test of time. They can be crisp and clean for a more modern look; they can go into a home with a medieval castle vibe, and they can be used in a cute transitional home. Don’t be afraid of an arch if you like it! Anne Marie Boedges, Anne Marie Design Studio, LLC.

Often when we are reminded of a style that has been popular in the past, it sticks with us as a favorite. Consumers love when they see a favorite style or trend of theirs being reintroduced as "new.” Teddy Karl, The Great Cover-Up.

Arches are an enduring trend. From the arches of the Roman Colosseum to the iconic St. Louis Arch, they symbolize transition, grace and strength and have their place in many architectural styles. Robert Srote, Srote & Co Architects | Planners | Interiors.

Arches were invented when architecture was invented so, no, arched entryways and arches in general are not trendy. Arches have more impact and significance in designing a home if they are used sparingly and artistically, like a sunset. William D. Cover, William D. Cover, Architect LLC.

Arched entries are indeed a classic. Why the recent surge in popularity? With every form of media reminding us how troubled our world is, we all long for a respite. Home provides us with that relief. Approach a home with an arched entry and receive the added benefit of a hug. Yes, a hug, a house hug. The soft curve of an arched entry gently envelopes all who enter, welcoming them to the safety and security of home. Kim Hany, FORNEY + architecture, LLC.

The Roman and Gothic arches have enhanced many buildings past and present. Arched entrances create a very warm and  welcoming point of passage. Home exteriors have a variety of straight lines, so the arched entrance softens those lines and adds character to the overall appearance. This first impression is like a welcome mat inviting you in. Arches are a classic and will always be an architectural detail that is part of the past, present and future. Georgine O’Donnell, O’Designs.


Curved lines are always appealing. Their graceful movement directs your eye around so you are subtly guided into seeing the whole area. While arches are certainly a classic form, I see arching the doorway as a trend that will continue in higher end property but fade away. For moderately priced homes, the extra labor and expertise required to create them makes them less attainable. CJ Knapp, Yours by Design.


I think archways are a timeless design when done in proper scale and context. Like anything, if it's bastardized it can be done badly. Randy Renner, Period Restoration.