Color Theory

Laura Wilson, owner of The Abbey, talks about how color can transform a home and some of her own tips and tricks for incorporating color. 

Edited by Maya Brenningmeyer


Fitting Your Mood

When creating a color palette, the first thing I would recommend is to ask yourself “what colors speak to you?” This is a great starting point. What atmosphere are you trying to create? Is it calm or vibrant? Cool tones create a calm atmosphere and warm tones make it more vibrant.  Your home is an extension of you, so I would say true to what you really love and are drawn to. The most beautiful homes, in my opinion, are when a home reflects the personality of the person who lives there!

Color Coordinated

I believe in having one consistent color that actually touches every room in some way. I would choose that color to be fairly neutral to create a cohesive look throughout your home. For example, let’s say the color black, in each room there should be a piece of furniture, lamp, wall color or pillow that is black. It really creates balance throughout your home.

Complementary Combos

The best way to layer colors is to find tones that are complementary to each other. If you want to achieve a monochromatic look then using different tones of the same color is the best way to accomplish that. A bolder look would require using colors on the opposite side of the color wheel. For example, combining blue and orange.

Mix and Match

The easiest way to add color to your space is with pillows, artwork and accessories! It is so much fun to change these out periodically for a fresh new look, not to mention it is an easy affordable way to freshen things up from season to season! To keep away from color regret, I would say stay away from any color that is trendy when making large purchases or committing to something permanent like paint color or cabinets—take your risks on accessories and pillows.

Personal Style

The biggest challenge when using color is selecting paint. It is such a commitment and a big decision. My recommendation would be to paint swatches in several places throughout your house so you can see the tones in different areas. Once you’ve selected your paint, my favorite way to incorporate additional pops of color is through pillows and fresh flowers! In the end, be faithful to your own tastes because nothing you really like is ever out of style.