Classic or Craze: Smart Tvs

Is it a classic or is it a craze?


http://thesohoshop.comFor our March Modern issue, we asked local design professionals about Smart Tvs. Here is what they had to say...

“Definitely a classic. I think this is just the beginning and they are going to evolve to control more and more things in your home.” Jeannie Brendel, Brendel Architects, LLC.

“Smart televisions will be a classic, but it won’t necessarily be the TV that’s smart, it will most likely be the way we interface with the screen. Television manufacturers have to do a better job of communicating their ease of use, like the Apple TVs and Chromecasts have done. Consumers need ease of use and simplicity in set up, as well as to be able to better understand the benefits in order to overcome their fear of technology and television merging. Manufacturers must make it clear that utilizing smart TV technology is a safe, long-term investment that will work in a landscape of changing technologies and content services.” Scott Mosher, The SOHO Shop.

“I believe that smart TVs and media streaming are here to stay.  They offer an easy gateway to your favorite apps or media streaming services like Netflix, Vudu and Pandora.  Gone are the days of your TV just receiving broadcast or hooking up to the cable box. We now have new and exciting options for our entertainment pleasure!” Greg Dabler, Audio Video Lifestyles.

“I definitely believe that smart TVs will be a craze! Anything to do with technology changes with the times. Having a smart TV seems great, but you can’t travel with it and you can only use it in one location of that room.  Not to mention, are we using the TV as a computer or to watch a movie with the family? Are we bringing our families together or pushing us apart?” Caryn L. Burstein (Babich), Arcterior Design, LLC.

“Craze!!! In recent years, consumers worldwide have been yearning for a different, more interactive way to access content when entertaining themselves. TV manufacturers were definitely one of the first to jump on the opportunity, but doing more so I think because it was a quick and cheap way to add items to the “features” column, thus forgetting the “benefits” side of the equation. The “Smart TV” has however opened up the new era of devices we will see more and more of… the Internet of things!” Mike Dolan, The SOHO Shop.