Classic or Craze: May 2014

Four our MAY issue, we asked local home and design professionals about Concrete Countertops. Here is what they had to say...

By Melissa Mauzy


Here is what they had to say…


“Concrete countertops have been around for a while. I've seen some installations that look awesome, and others that failed. In my opinion, the key to using concrete for a countertop is all in the fabrication. If not done right, the counter will look homemade and sloppy. What will define concrete countertops as a classic or a craze is the way in which they are used in a space: whether in a contemporary or traditional setting. No matter the style, or in this case material, good design will always be a classic!” Andy Villasana, Andy Villasana Design.

“Concrete countertops have been around for over a decade, and I don't feel they are going away. My feeling is that they are an economical means to an end. Sometimes natural stone or solid- surface counters are not in the budget. I feel that concrete is an easy fix to create an urban, sexy, loft feel to any kitchen. In conclusion, I say CLASSIC.” Joni Spear, Joni Spear Interior Design.

“I think concrete counters are here to stay. I first used them 20 years ago on a project in California for a client’s Napa Valley weekend home. They offer the sleekness of granite or marble, but with a more casual, relaxed twist. Since that time, I have used them on several projects, and the color options and finishes really have come a long way, providing more complex design solutions. Today, they also offer a nice reprise from granite, which is at every level of the marketplace, and while still a great material for the correct application, the overuse has caused a loss in being totally chic.” Robert Idol, Idol Design.


“Concrete has been gaining momentum over the past decade as one of the top choices in countertops. It lends itself well to industrial or European-style interiors. Though it’s highly customizable and quite transitional, we still are calling this one a 'craze.' Ultimately, we prefer natural stone and its inherent beauty.”  The design team at Savvy Surrounding Style.

“I think that concrete countertops are a craze. My reasoning is that a cement countertop, in my opinion, has more of an industrial feel. During the past few years, an industrial atmosphere, for a kitchen in particular, was the craze. Now that the 'Downton Abbey' bug has bitten the American public, a mood of elegance has swept the design world.”  Tom Manche, Tom Manche Interiors LLC.

“Craze. Although concrete may offer more options in terms of color and shape, it can't compare to granite in terms of long-term durability. Concrete has a tendency to chip and crack more easily, whereas granite and other natural and man-made materials are nearly indestructible. In addition, concrete is a porous surface and requires diligent sealing, often as much as once or twice a year. If the sealer becomes compromised (through cutting, chopping food or even by a hot pan), then staining easily can occur. Concrete may be the latest/hottest trend for countertops, but granite still wins for durability, looks and ease, not to mention price.”  Kristin Kisling, JCR Design Group.