Classic or Craze: August 2014

For our AUGUST issue, we asked local home and design professionals about wall-mounted faucets

By Melissa Mauzy


Here is what they had to say…


“Anything that can solve a problem can have staying power. Wall-mounted faucets always work well in a tight space when a vanity has to be less than the standard 21 inches deep, or when a freestanding bathtub has to be placed against a wall. It is not always feasible to do a wall-mounted faucet for budget or structural reasons, so they are not ubiquitous and are a special and unexpected element in a space. My bet is they will remain a popular option, but appear in new styles and applications.” Dana King, Next Project Studio.

“CLASSIC. They create more room in a small sink area. In a larger vanity area, they keep the sink area less cluttered. Wall-mounted faucets are a great application for vessel bowls and add an artistic look for any vanity or tub.” Pamela Calvert, Pamela Calvert Design.

“Wall-mounted faucets are classic! They have been around longer than countertop-mounted faucets. Think of faucets on those big, old wall-mounted kitchen sinks with built-in drain boards and claw-foot tubs with faucets attached to the inside walls of the basin. They're very practical – drips drop into the basin!” Chris Berry, brooksBerry Kitchens and Baths.

“To me they are a classic! The first indoor plumbing was basically a utilitarian faucet attached to a pipe inside (or even outside of) the wall. I see this movement as an artistic reinterpretation of going back to those humble beginnings. Their popularity may wax and wane, but I think there always will be a need to get the faucet up and off the counter, such as in a small bathroom, or for an odd-height vessel bowl.” Cindy Kistner, G. M. Doveikis and Associates, Inc.

“Wall-mounted faucets – a design that works for both kitchen and bath – are going to be around for quite a while. When in the bath, a wall-mounted faucet becomes a striking piece of art above a beautiful vessel bowl. I think the option to create stunning rooms with these faucets will be around for many years to come.” Laureen Wilder, Laureen Wilder Designs, LLC.

“I think this idea is a classic! In fact, the old cast-iron tubs all had this type of installation. Also, they are much easier to keep clean.” Jeannie Brendel, Brendel Architects.

“I believe that a wall-mounted faucet is a classic for the contemporary and transitional home. It is a streamlined fixture that accompanies a streamlined bath. When I design a contemporary bathroom, I tend to use simple, straight-lined cabinetry; neutral tile, and a shower with a solid glass door without metal trim. A wall-mounted faucet fixture works perfectly with this style of bathroom.” Tom Manche, Tom Manche Interiors.

“I think wall-mounted faucets are here to stay. They are a great way to make a design statement in a bath and are great in compact spaces where there might not be enough depth on a vanity. As with most things, what will make this a classic vs. a craze is the way it is incorporated into a bathroom design. Simple always equals classic, elegant and timeless!” Andy Villasana, Andy Villasana Design.