Sharing the Season

Spread holiday cheer to all who pass by your home with a beautifully decorated mailbox.

By Shannon Craig
Photography by Kim Dillon


Whether you’re seeking the finishing touch to your extravagant holiday décor, or looking to keep your decorating to a casual minimum, opting for a beautifully decorated mailbox will fulfill your vision of the ideal holiday home.

Barb Davis, owner and lead designer of B. Davis Design, her brick-and-mortar interior design and gift shop in Kirkwood, has offered this special service to her clients since opening her store in 2011. But she admits that decorating her own mailbox for the holidays has been a Christmastime tradition for many years.

“I’ve been putting pinecones and ribbon on my mailbox forever,” Davis laughs. “We started suggesting it when we would decorate, and people would say ‘Huh? I’ve never thought of that.’”

Now, every holiday season, Davis and her team maintain a stacked schedule, creating mindfully designed homescapes for clients who enlist her expertise year after year.

“A lot of our clients have some [decorations] that we will use, but we also use our professional judgment to tweak what they already have and add new things to give the design a fresh start,” says Davis. “We’re the experts, so we know how to get the right look for your budget.”

Davis adds that decorating your mailbox for the holidays is an excellent way to take the spirit of the season to the street while staying within any price range. Her mailbox designs can be as simple or over the top as your vision and budget allow, and designs can be updated or maintained every season.

“Whatever makes you happy!” Davis insists. “There are no rules. I think it can be as simple as just wrapping garland around with a beautiful pinecone and ribbon. We can decorate using your own items, but we do like to add new ribbons or garland because items get tired.”

By adding fresh details such as berries and sticks, Davis allows her personal aesthetic to add natural aspects to her mailboxes. She claims that embracing the season, not pressuring yourself with perfection and decorating your home or mailbox with the things you love are the key elements of making any design successful.

“If you want to hire a professional, I highly recommend it,” Davis says. “But if you want to try your hand at decorating your mailbox yourself, we’d be happy to walk you through that as well. If that’s what you enjoy doing, you should.”

Holiday mailboxes decorated by B. Davis Design allow you to share the spirit of the holidays with every neighborhood passerby.

“It isn’t just for the people who come into your home, your family and friends,” Davis says, “you are sharing the season with everyone when you decorate your mailbox.”