Classic or Craze: Canopy Beds

Is it a classic or is it a craze?


For our November/December holiday issue, we asked local designers if canopy beds are a classic or a craze. Here's what the professionals had to say.

“Canopy beds have been around since Scrooge tried to hide from his ghosts! They can be graceful, stately, cozy and elegant. Personally, I feel that they are timeless. They may fall in and out of favor as a trend, but like a good toile fabric or classic damask wallpaper, they will always be around.“ Teddy Karl, The Great Cover-Up.

“Any item that can be found in every home furnishings style is without a doubt a classic. The canopy bed is the classic icon that is as comfortable in rich traditional mahogany as it is in contemporary stainless steel born in the metal studio. Drape it in fabric, paint it and even temporarily remove the canopy frame for a refreshing warm weather feel, the canopy bed beckons creativity.  Be aware of the overall volume the canopy bed can consume of your room's space. Rooms with 8-foot ceilings can feel tight, while ceiling lights and fans must be perfectly aligned with the center of the bed. Many canopy beds become family treasures that transcend generations, fulfilling the creative desires of each owner. Whether for a master bedroom, guest room or a child’s room, every home deserves one of these classics.” Jane Ganz, Directions In Design Inc.

“Canopy beds will remain as a classic design. Although they originated in medieval times as a necessity to prevent cold drafts and retain privacy, today their benefit is to create an elegant statement. A classy fabric draped around a bed or just attached to the posts can create a warm, stylish and dreamy feel to any bedroom.”  Laureen Wilder, Laureen Wilder Designs, LLC.

“Canopy beds are a classic. The original use for a canopy bed was so that heavy drapes could be pulled to keep out the cold in a drafty castle.  Since most of us don’t live in drafty castles, a canopy bed is now only for people who like the look. And let’s not forget those little girls who want to be princesses and decorate their rooms accordingly! I think the popularity of canopy beds is now a select group of people, but I think that market segment has staying power.” Marcia Moore, Marcia Moore Design.

“Classic! Canopy beds have been around for centuries.  Fabric canopies make you feel engulfed in luxury, safe and cozy. They are currently less structured and more free flowing. You can create lines and character in the bedroom by leaving the frame exposed and wrapping silk panels around and through the open frame. Or leave the top open and add fabric side panels to soften the lines of the frame.” CJ Knapp, Yours By Design.

“I believe that canopy beds will always be an interior design classic. Canopy beds are available in any size and finish, in both contemporary and traditional designs, and there will always be people who desire the more formal look of such beds. Whether draped or not, they add a touch of sophistication to the bedroom.” Tom Manche, Tom Manche Interiors.