Classic or Craze: Poufs

Is it a classic or is it a craze?


“Because of their versatility, poufs are surely a classic! They can function as an extra seat, an additional tabletop for eating or a cozy addition to a corner, and they can be easily displayed under a sofa table. Fabric patterns, textures and material choices are in abundance, and there is no shortage on styles. Poufs are an ideal way to bring in that bit of bright, bold color that you may not want to invest in a sofa or upholstered chair!” M. Joyce Mathis, MJM Design Company.

“Pouf is a trendy name for an ottoman, which is clearly a classic for me! When I hear the word 'pouf' I think of a lovely little upholstered ottoman that adds detail and color to a space, while also functioning as a footstool.  You'll find them in spaces of all design genres interpreted in different ways and serving a variety of functions such as cocktail tables, a spot to rest your feet, or simply as a decorative item. Everyone should have one!” Colleen Ertl, Diane Breckenridge Interiors.

“Poufs will always be a classic. They are multipurpose, very functional and take up as little as space as your floor plan requires. Excellent for cozying up in a big club chair, extra seating when needed or as a cocktail table for serving. A large-scale pouf has dual purpose as an ottoman and cocktail table. They are easy to move around and can be any shape, style or size. Classic is my view.”  Pamela Calvert, Creative Director/ASID.

“Poufs definitely have the potential to be a classic element. More and more, our clients are looking for versatility and flexibility in their spaces as well as the pieces of furniture they choose. Poufs provide functionality while being very versatile.  They can be utilized in different ways, either as additional seating or an accent table with a nice tray for holding a drink. They come in numerous shapes and sizes, and are adaptable to current trends. For this reason, I definitely foresee poufs being around for quite some time.” Emily Johnson, Project Manager, Savvy Surrounding Style.

“Will the pouf vanish? — poof!!! Like almost anything that is current, of the moment, this principle applies: if it is a versatile element — it has more than one use and fills a need — it will likely be around a long time. Like a good pair of jeans, it may take a different form, cut, fabric..etc. Poufs won’t vanish because they do so much for a space. They function as an ottoman, decorative element to fill a void and add a sense of whimsy to an interior. If you want to be sure your pouf doesn’t look dated too soon, try to pick forms and finishes that are not ubiquitous. As a designer, I am always looking for a different take on what is current, just to create something special. An exception from my general rule is a good deal that makes the piece more disposable or easy to repurpose later in another fabric.” Dana King, Next Project Studio.

“Poufs are a great addition to a room where a unique ottoman, additional seating, or an accent piece may be needed.  They fit into any style whether traditional, modern or eclectic, and they add the right punch of color to a design. However, I don’t think of the pouf as a classic and believe the craze will soon fade away.” Laureen Wilder, Laureen Wilder Designs, LLC.