What better way to bring life to a room than with a beautiful and colorful painting. Support local Missouri artists when choosing your next piece of artwork.

“Behr Woods,” by Bryan Haynes, Kodner Gallery

“Rockwoods XVII.1.0,” by Ken Worley, Bruno David Gallery

“Mom,” by Cheonae Kim, Philip Slein Gallery

“Flowered Turban,” by Victor Wang, Atrium Gallery


SLHL: Why build green? Or why consider green when remodeling or upgrading your home?


Products and accessories to make your home more eco-friendly.

one: Haiku fan, by Big Ass Fans.

two: Water clock, by Bedol.

three: Window coverings, Blooming walnut, by Hartmann & Forbes, available at KDR Designer Showrooms.

four: Silky shag in crimson, by Anji Mountain, available locally through Anji Mountain.


Outstanding design deserves recognition, and seven sensational St. Louis design projects have been singled out for our second annual Architectural Finesse Awards. Evaluated by a distinguished panel of Kansas City architects, the winning entries include a unique variety of newly built and remodeled living spaces, honored for their architectural ingenuity and integrity and overall aesthetic appeal.

And the winners are…


“Everything here is either hot, sharp or dirty,” jokes Mike Kinnikin, describing his 12,000-square-foot metalwork shop, Eureka Forge. Mike, along with 11 other guys, spend their days at the shop creating one-of-a-kind artworks out of steel, bronze, copper, brass, aluminum and other metals. “My dad started this business, and I learned from him. I grew up with it,” Mike says.


EdgeWild Restaurant and Winery chef Aaron Baggett was cooking at a Chinese restaurant and studying to be an architect when his sister convinced him that he belonged in culinary school. “I went from building buildings to building plates,” says Baggett, a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, N.Y.

EdgeWild’s most popular dish is an appetizer, Pistachio-Crusted Herbed Goat Cheese topped with white wine-quince syrup. It’s also the first recipe Baggett created for EdgeWild, which opened a year and a half ago.