Is there any other time of year that you hear the word lamb as much as around Easter, when it is probably enjoyed at more American dinner tables than any other meat?  


Step up the style of your staircase. By adding paint, tile and wallpaper to the risers, you will give your stairs a fresh new look.

Mosaic tile treads, by Ellen Grasso & Sons.
Glass, tile and mirror mosaic, by Jennifer Kuhns, JK Mosaic.


Minimalist, functional and simplistic, Scandinavian design began to emerge in the late 1920s. Originating in the European countries of Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland, the height of the design movement came into focus after World War II.

The introduction of mass production paired with the increased availability of new, low-cost materials following the war allowed for furnishings to be high quality and accessible to everyday people. Often referred to as democratic design, Scandinavian furnishings appealed to the masses and were affordable.


Coffee table, cocktail table, end table…whatever you like to call them, the occasional table can make a big impact in a room. No longer just a resting place for drinks or stray magazines, tables accent a room’s furnishings while exuding their own style.

one: Remy Table, by Goebel.

two: Kinkou Occasional Table, by Bolier & Co., available at Frank Patton Interiors.

three: Sylvia Hall Table, by DwellStudio for Precendent, available at KDR Designer Showrooms.


Historic houses are beautiful, with their high ceilings, intricate moldings and gracious Old World touches. They’re not always practical, however, especially when it comes to kitchens and baths, where modern layouts, plumbing, fixtures and materials are not just stylish but essential to daily life.

But that doesn’t mean that fans of stately old homes need to forego the classic. Given knowledgeable contractors and experienced interior designers, these charming old spaces can be given a facelift that adds the best of the new while preserving the past.


Modern table and floor lamps generate warmth and ambience in a room while adding a decorative element.

one: Nickel Station Floor Lamp, from Aminis.

two: Jonathan Adler Claridge Tear Drop, available at Niche.

three: Spire Table Lamp, available at Aminis.

four: Lighting for the Aging Eye, by Holtkotter, available at Brody’s.